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When the world breaks, surviving is only the beginning.

2081 and the world is laid to waste. Climate change has caused cataclysmic floods and disease has wiped out most of the world’s population. In England, civil society has collapsed and in the place of government, wannabe warlords and criminal gangs are taking control. On the edge of a dying town, a tiny community of survivors struggles to stay alive, desperate to remain unknown.

Edie Fletcher is one of them. She spends her days scavenging for food among abandoned houses to help feed her family, praying for the dead she finds there, staying hidden from the thieving gangs who roam the streets. She dreams of living a normal life and sharing her first kiss with Robin. But what she witnesses deep in the forbidden town could destroy her dreams forever. In a broken world will their love survive? Will they?

Tristan Fletcher, is a natural leader, a hunter, a man who would give his life to protect his family and the hidden community he guards. Their secret compound discovered, he knows their only hope is a treacherous journey to the higher lands where tiny communities sit hidden among the hills. But what waits for them there? Food? A home? Love? Or something else entirely?

A new power is rising out of the debris of a shattered world and for Edie and Tristan surviving is only the beginning.



They took her brother. Now they want her sister. Only one chance to escape. Will she take it?

Meriall and Pascha live under the brutal domination of the Primitives, struggling to conform, raging against their cruelty, helpless against their power, waiting for Collection Day when they will be torn apart forever.

When Meriall discovers the awful truth about Collection Day she makes a desperate bid to escape.

Can she save herself and her sister from the sinister Primitives and be free to love Pascha? Or will the Watcher get her first?

Primitive is the second book in the dystopian series, Dark Powers Rising, by Rebecca Fernfield which readers have described as ‘totally gripping’ and ‘an absolute page turner’.


Her only hope is the man who wants her destroyed.

Captive and caught between despair and a burning, impotent rage to destroy the Primitives, Meriall has to embrace her inner demon if she’s to survive their cruelty.

It’s a fight to the death. Can she survive or will the Primitives break her?

The thrilling dark sequel to PRIMITIVE

Chosen is the third book in the dystopian series, Dark Powers Rising, by Rebecca Fernfield which readers have described as ‘totally gripping’ and ‘an absolute page turner’.


“Can they sense me? Can they feel my anger and my rage?”

In a post-apocalyptic England a cruel and extremist sect will stop at nothing to gain power over the unfortunate survivors.

Meriall is one of them.

They think they’ve crushed her.

Time to think again!

The story continues in Book 4 of the thrilling Dark Powers Rising series.