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COMING 1st November!


Title: The Road to Ruin
Series: A World Torn Down
Genre: Adult Post-apocalyptic thriller

Dan killed the world. Now it’s payback. Will he sell his wife to save himself?

Cassie Morgan is in trouble! Her husband is the one man who should protect her, but the apocalypse changed everything.

A hunted man, Dan Morgan has to give up the last thing he cares about if he’s to survive. The end of the world is rough but when 99.99% of the world’s population is dead, and it’s your fault, it becomes a whole lot tougher.

Would you do anything to stay alive? Will Dan?

The Road to Ruin is a post-apocalyptic survival and revenge thriller that follows the lives of ordinary people in a harsh and dangerous new world where the old rules don’t apply.

What depths will Man sink to when humanity is on its knees?

Featuring ruthless billionaire Dan Morgan, his spoiled, but neglected trophy wife Cassie, and a cast of bad-ass, kick-ass characters you’ll love to hate, this is a post-apocalyptic revenge thriller you won’t want to put down.

The Road to Ruin is the first instalment of A World Torn Down which is published monthly in serialised format.

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